The bonding period with ArviZ has been great! During this time I contributed to ArviZ by solving an issue with the plot_pair function. As described in github’s issue page, the function displayed a blank plot when using Bokeh as backend. This was in the back of my mind for a while and I wanted to make sure it was fixed before the coding phase. Here is a link to the pull request.

I have been interacting with ArviZ developers via Slack. A fun activity that ArviZ developers do every month is called “Cafe inference”. Developers get sorted randomly in groups of three or four and schedule a video chat. During this call the topics are completely casual. I participated in this activity last saturday. It was really nice and left me with a great sense of positivity about my GSoC participation. Helping to disipate some of the uncertainty that is so common at the beginning of the coding phase.

I am pretty happy about this past bonding period and ready for the coding phase :)